Congratulations Lincoln Mystery Plays!

Another successful season ends for Lincoln Mystery Plays.

Our southern compatriots have been periodically performing their adapted versions of the N-Town Plays for the last four decades, drawing in hundreds of local performers of all ages and backgrounds.

lincoln-posterTheir most recent series of productions came to an end in August and we’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Performed in the cloisters of the city’s grand cathedral, for this year’s cycle of shows, director Colin Brimblecombe selected 17 of the whopping 42 possible plays in the Hegge Cycle. Nearly a hundred years younger than the York Mystery Plays that we performed in 2010, the Hegge Cycle is recognisable for it’s regular rhyme, short lines and use of alliteration.

Lincoln’s a fine town for the performance of these plays. Thanks to the regular performance of these shows (every 4 years, different plays hit the streets) the public has grown receptive to this mid-summer. Over the course of 8 days,¬†the hundred strong cast of performers of all faiths and religions take to the streets and lead the audience into the Cathedral where the majority of the plays are performed.

lincoln-jesusWith a considerable amount of cross over between the Old and New Testament Bible Stories, some performers are required to learn considerably more lines than others.

Henry Deighton, who played the antagonistic role of Satan/Lucifer performed in over half of the plays, providing those plays with a spiteful yet enigmatic villain for the audience to root against. Charlie Seeley had the unenviable task of playing Jesus in a similar amount of plays, whilst Dominic Freeston had, arguably, the biggest challenge of all, portraying God in 12 of the 17 plays.

With a huge Production team working from behind the scenes, the cast was ably supported throughout the two weeks of performing the plays allowing them to perform to the best of their abilities; giving the people of Lincoln yet another evening of entertainment to cherish for years to come.

Congratulations on another successful production, Lincoln Mystery Plays!