About the Venues

Durham Castle

Originally built in the 11th Century, Durham Castle is now an officially sanctioned UNESCO World Heritage Site (along with the Cathedral situated just a short distance away). It’s a popular tourist attraction in Durham, and also doubles as a wonderful space for performance.


Home to 100 students during the University’s term time, you can always bet on a great deal of tickets going to the academics residing in the halls there. In addition to being a gorgeous setting for our plays, the castle also has a great history with staging Mystery Plays, something we’re proud to continue.

Durham Cathedral

Coupled with Durham Castle, the city’s iconic 11th Century Cathedral was completed within a decade of it’s UNESCO Verified brother. A quintessentially Norman design makes this building quite the site to behold, and an even better space to perform in.


The building’s towering, cavernous interior boasts wonderful acoustics that greatly aid in our actors’  projection. Durham’s original cycle of mystery plays have been long lost, so performing new versions of classic stories inside this marvellous cathedral is always a joy.

Gala Theatre

The cultural heart of Durham, the £15-million building that houses the theatre sit on the banks of the River Wear, providing the city with modern theatre, stand-up comedy as well as two cinema screens. It’s cutting edge light and sound technology provides us with endless options for staging our productions,


A truly professional space to perform in, the Gala Theatre allows our talented group of amateur players to really stretch their wings and indulge in their dramatic fantasies. There’s nothing quite like performing on a grand stage in front of hundreds of people, the Gala Theatre allows us to do just that.

The Sands

Finally, an outdoor space that is ordinarily used for rock concerts – The Sands bring the Mystery Plays out in to the open air, to finish off the night with a glorious bang. There’s plenty of space for rugs and camping chairs, and you’re more than welcome to bring along your hampers and champers!


A truly huge outdoor stage, as well as lighting rig and PA system aid our players in telling you some of the most iconic Biblical tales, in a truly modern fashion. The last 5 plays of our special cycle take us late in to the night, so make sure you get a good seat for the start of the show!